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Carpet Transition Strips Just Got Much Longer

Great news!  We can now supply extra long carpet transition strips at Carpetrunners.  Up until now, our Premier Door Bars and coordinating Cover Door Plate have just been available in 90 cm / 35 inch lengths but we now have them in a much longer and useful 270 cm, that’s 106”, or 8 feet 10 inches in old money.

Solid brass carpet transition strips

The longer length has always sold well in the Feline range of door thresholds, particularly the Feline A92, which is made in solid aluminium and is a very meaty, high quality carpet trim, but the Premier Door Bars are made in solid brass and come in nine fabulous finishes and we’ve had lots of enquiries from customers requiring the longer length.

As with all our transition strips, you can cut them to the correct length with a sharp hack-saw. Typically, doorways are 32” wide with some creeping up a little wider, especially for double doors. However, we are aware that some customers are using their door strips in quite imaginative ways, which require longer lengths.

An imaginative carpet trim

A recent example was a customer who has successfully installed the Premier Door Bar SQ at the edge of a landing carpet, butting up against a wobbly (his description), and raised base section of the banister rail on the landing.  Another customer ordered the longer length of the Premier Door Bar Z to run the width of where his conservatory extension joins onto his lounge and the flooring changes from carpet to tiles. And I’m sure there are lots of other ingenious ways to use transition strips – all ideas welcome!

The new longer length of 270cms is available in the Premier Door Bars: Double Z9 (carpet to carpet), Z (carpet to hard floor), SQ (carpet to hard floor with a square edge), Single (carpet to vinyl) and Premier Cover Door Plate.

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