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Why looks matter when choosing a carpet joining strip

However luxuriant the pile and beautiful the design and colour of your carpet, a low quality, poorly fitted carpet joining strip will spoil the overall look. It can be so annoying when it is the detail of the unsatisfactory door threshold strips which catch the eye rather than the super-expensive and fabulous carpet! Purchasing threshold strips is not something most of us have ever done before, so it is worth taking your time when choosing to ensure you are delighted with the end look.

Are carpet door bars necessary?

Most carpet joins occur in doorways and for good reason as this is where a small and discreet join can be achieved. Normally, it is desirable to continue the pile, and for that matter any pattern, in the same direction as you move from one room into a connecting one.  However, fitting a continuous carpet from one room to the next is not practical given the intervening walls and the total weight and size of the roll of carpet. Instead, a neat carpet join is achieved using a door threshold, lined up under the closed door. Alternatively, it sometimes is possible to try and heat-seal the two carpets together but results can be noticeable and can prematurely wear or fray.

The smart carpet joining strips options

Quality door bars are manufactured in a robust base metal to avoid them easily denting with everyday use or bending or twisting when fitted. It is worth doing the research before your flooring is fitted and order ahead. Make sure you choose the correct design for the style of flooring being connected and take into consideration any floor height differences.

The Premier range of internal door thresholds are manufactured in solid brass, in contrast to many on the market which are made from more flimsy, thin aluminium. They perform well and come in an attractive range of finishes, including a pristine polished chrome and polished brass plus a choice of satin and brushed looks.

Satin nickel Premier ZZ9 carpet threshold strip joining brown and beige carpets
The Premier Double Z9 carpet threshold strip, shown in satin nickel, is manufactured for looks and performance

If you are joining two carpets together, the Premier Double Z carpet-to-carpet options are the go-to, quality option. The number after the name, Double Z4, Double Z9 and Double Z13, refers to the thickness of the compressed carpet, which has to fit between the base pins and the visible bar.  Simply choose the correct one for your carpets. The base sections, which fit under the carpet hold it in place, under tension, along with the gripper strip around the edge of your room.

The other options are the Premier Cover or the Premier Posh, which are likewise made of solid brass and can be fitted at a slight angle, should your floors not be level with each other.

Coordinate your carpet joining strips throughout the house

For a coordinated look throughout your house, it is best to purchase your threshold strips from the same range. It is common for one company’s antique brass to be completely different to that of another company. Ideally, purchase multiple items all at the same time. Hand-finished door bars such as the Premier range are supplied un-lacquered for an authentic look and this means that finishes like the antique brass, bronze and pewter options can vary over time as they react with their environments. Most people find this natural ageing process attractive, it’s part of their charm, although it is possible to clean them if required.  

Where a carpet meets up in a doorway with laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, stone and the like, take a look at the Premier Z9 (Premier Z4 or Premier Z13 depending on the thickness of your carpet) or the Premier Square carpet strips. The latter butts up against the edge of the hard flooring, revealing the floor edge, whilst the former hides the raw edges of both floorcoverings. The universal door threshold plates of the Premier Posh and Premier Cover are also an option.

carpet to tile trims in antique brass
A Square edged door bar which grips the carpet & butts up against the hard floorcovering

In conclusion, if you are investing in new floorcoverings it is worth planning ahead and looking into which carpet joining strips will best complement your lovely new flooring. Otherwise, you risk ending up with whatever your fitter has available on their van come the day of fitting.

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