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How to make a customised matwell frame with a high-quality finish

Autumn is the time of year when door mats are a necessity, if you want to avoid trudging in wet and dirt from outside. Loose mats can skid around and be a trip hazard, whilst a recessed matwell is permanent and secure. Thankfully, there is a new floor trim on the market, Premier Trim Matwells, that provide an excellent recessed matwell frame when installing a non-floating floorcovering such as skimmed concrete, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles such as Amtico) or a non-floating wood floor.

Quality-made from solid brass in a choice of ten great finishes, you can now make your door mat well to fit your entrance and in a smart metal finish to match your door furniture and door threshold strips. From traditional solid brass to mirror-finished chrome, fashionable black to subtle stain nickel.

metal trim to a mat well made in brass

What size matwell frame should you choose?

Halls and entrances differ in size, so there is no right or wrong size of door mat. Likewise, how you use an entrance barrier mat will depend on who lives in your home. Here are a few tips you may like to consider:

  • Mats are most useful when they are large enough to step onto and shut the door behind you, before wiping your feet.
  • If you have a dog, choose a size that allows it to touch-down with all four paws before trailing muck through your home.
  • For young children, make sure your mat is large enough for them to stand on it whilst you take off their outdoor clothing and shoes.
  • Position the mat frame so your door has good clearance.

Types of door mat

Here are some fun mats around, everything from the standard “Welcome” ones to a picture of your pet pooch. The Premier brass mat well frames are designed to create a recessed area into which your coir or ribbed matting slots and is held securely in place. There are two sizes of self-adhesive trim – 5mm and 8mm, which when fitted correctly will allow for 12mm-17mm thick matting. There are some useful diagrams on how to use the product correctly, here.

So, next time you are installing a new floor it is worth thinking about designing in a recessed mat area and have your fitter install a matwell frame at the same time. It will save no end of dirt and moisture being tracked into your home, save on the cleaning and even extend the life of your flooring.


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