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Quality stair carpet rods to transform a staircase

Do you ever open your front door, walk into your house and just feel it looks, well…dreary and boring? The secret style tip is to add immediate character with some quality stair carpet rods. Easily fitted to an existing stair runner or carpet, a pristine set of decorative carpet rods provides a welcoming touch of style. They also tend to give the illusion that a staircase is wider than it actually is, which is even better!

For many of us the staircase is that first feature which catches the eye as you walk into a house and that can mean a straight, narrow, flight of steps rising up out of a tight hallway. There are some ‘wow’ carpets around with vibrant colours and snazzy patterns, but when it comes to spending thousands of pounds on something that you really want to last at least ten years, it’s understandable that conservative beige is still the most popular choice of stair carpet in the UK.

Carpet bars for runners and fitted carpets

You can fit stair rods to both a runner, which is a strip of carpet up the centre of your staircase, or a fitted carpet which goes from one side to the other. The brackets are different but otherwise the designs are exactly the same.

Take a look and get inspired.

Glitzy and glamorous

Imagine how your staircase will dazzle, fitted with cut-crystal decorated stair runner rods? Beautifully made, they catch the light and shimmer. They even come in a choice of crystal colours and ten different finishes for the bar.

Crystal stair rods for stair runners in selection of colours
Shimmering and sparkly – Crystal stair rods

On-trend modernism

Geometric in style, the Arrow design features a strong profile and suits a contemporary setting. For added interest you can choose a plain, spiral or reeded rod, in a selection of ten metal finishes, including on-trend brushed chrome and pewter.

Elegant simplicity

Going for a classic, traditional stair rod, such as the Premier Lancaster or Woburn is particularly helpful if you are actually looking to tone down a heavily patterned stair carpet which you’ve fallen out of love with. The Premier range are all made from solid metal and top-quality.

Distinctive and exclusive

Beaumont triangular stair rod on bordered stair runner
Distinctive and different – the Royale stair rods

Most rods are cylindrical but the Royale collection of three designs are all made with a distinctive flat face. Hand-made with elaborate finials (end decoration), the Beaumont and the Louis designs add a certain sense of grandeur.

Quality stair carpet rods – hollow or solid ones?

By this we mean are the rods made from solid metal or are they a hollow tube? Most in the marketplace are hollow and providing they are a quality make, they should look the part for many years. Don’t forget, stair rods are in fact decorative only and do not holds the carpet in place and therefore a quality hollow rod can work perfectly well.  If you choose cheap ones, you can run the risk of the rods denting.

Solid, metal stair rods such as the Premier Collection are at the top end of the quality spectrum. The finish is outstanding.

If you are interested in any of the above stair carpet rods, then take a look at the CarpetRunners online shop and gallery.

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