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Flooring Supplies that Add the Finishing Touch

We’ve been selling flooring supplies since 2003 and specialise in high-quality flooring products which are not readily available on the high street or in the shops. Our suppliers are UK manufacturers and we ship direct from them, ensuring as rapid a delivery service as possible. So, no need to struggle home on public transport trying to carry unwieldy items such as door bars and stair rods or try and squeeze them into your car. We deliver to your door, whether it is your place of work or your home address.

FelineBNF Deluxe curved door trim - buy online
The BNF deluxe carpet threshold in contemporary steel finish

We do not sell carpets but realise that ordering a new one is a big decision and involves considerable investment for many people. It is therefore a real pity that so many people feel deflated when they see their wonderful, new carpet and then see the, “cheap strips of metal” which have been fitted to join the carpet in their doorways.

The times people ring us up and say: “I was at work yesterday and I’ve come home and there are these awful door strips everywhere! Can we replace them with some of yours?” The answer is YES, you can retro fit some really nice, quality door bars and it does make all the difference. However, it is far easier to buy them in advance and give them to your fitter to install, along with the carpet. We also offer some ingenious flooring accessories, including skirting corner protectors, and a comprehensive choice of stair rods and carpet binding in a wide choice of finishes and colours. It’s worth the effort to spend a bit of time choosing these types of flooring items as they make a world of difference to the overall effect. If you can’t make up your mind, then email us and we can send out samples of most items – up to two free of charge.

The top selling, on-trend flooring supplies

Carpet door thresholds

The most popular flooring supplies we currently supply are carpet door thresholds. Beautifully produced in solid brass and available in a wide choice of finishes, we offer the Premier quality range, the super deluxe Feline range, and the steely edged AL range.  The Premier range includes some great specialist thresholds too, including non screw flooring trim options when joining to hard flooring.

Polished brass door threshold - buy online
Top flooring idea is to upgrade your door bars so they all match

Carpet binding and runners

The Easybind edging trim has been around for many years and is a proven winner. You can make your own rugs and runners or purchase it online for your fitter to use. Simple but stylish, the rope binding is beautifully thick and comes supplied on strong backing tape which sticks to the reverse of your carpet. At the latest count, there are 35 different colours, some of the two-tone, which accommodates most customers’ tastes. However, don’t let the quirky names put you off!

For more Easybind ideas, see this article.

Stair rods

Finding a good choice of stair rods in a shop can be virtually impossible in certain parts of the country. We offer two ranges, Jubilee and Homepride, which are available in three standard lengths that you can cut to size yourself. There are also over 25 made-to-measure stair rod designs from which to choose. The choice is fabulous – anything from elaborate crystal finials to sleek, contemporary designs.

Some of our clients have sent us pictures of their homes, complete with the flooring supplies they have bought from us. It’s great to see them and we post them on the website whenever possible. Take a look – you may feel inspired!

Pipe Collars

Pipe covers or collars are an excellent innovation! They cover up the hole in the floor around a radiator pipe and the typically rough look of the concrete floor. For more information see this article.

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