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Affordable New Decorative Pipe Covers Hide Unsightly Gaps

The new Pipe Collars that have just come into stock are a great find. And, such an easy-to-install product too with attractive designs and so practical. They hide those ugly holes around radiator pipes where the pipework meets your floor. Instead of dirty, dusty holes, spotted around the edge with paint from the last time you decorated or holes that have been filled in with some unattractive filler or cement, you can now simply cover them all up with decorative pipe covers.

Tiled floor with ugly cut hole around radiator pipe
Pipe Collars cover up those diry, dusty areas around radiator pipes

Simply slot around the pipe

They fit together around the pipe like two pieces in a jig-saw and no DIY talents are required! There are seven different designs, including a romantic Heart, geometric Oblong, petals of Floret and a Star. You can choose from two sizes, with the small pipe covers of the Square and the Sphere being ideal if you have restricted space around the pipes. Otherwise, you can enjoy being a little more adventurous and picking one of the more decorative designs.

Oblong pipe collar clips together around the radiator pipe on the tiled floor
Each pipe cover comes in two sections which neatly slot together

Jazz up your floor with decorative pipe covers

Star-shaped pipe cover on tiled floor around bottom of radiator pipe
The Star Pipe Collar is available in 7 finishes including black (shown here)

I’m impressed with the quality too; these are manufactured to a high specification and clearly made for homeowners who care about details. There are seven finishes offered, which match many of the door thresholds and stair rods we already sell for the home. Whether your floor is wood, porcelain, laminate, vinyl the new WPC and SPC floorcoverings…in fact, virtually any style of floorcovering, I think you will find a finish which should look the part.

Coordinate with other accessories in your home

If you are getting down to floor level, you may also like to have a look at the Skiffer range of skirting corner protectors. They are available in the same seven metal finishes as the new pipe collars, including antique brass, satin nickel and chrome, and likewise are a useful decorative addition to the home.

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