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Floor Trims Just Got Smarter with Lips

The new Lips floor trims have just come onto the market. They are not only hugely versatile but very chic looking too. So, smart-looking and performing! They are made of solid brass but you can choose any one of ten different finishes. On trend, brushed chrome is one of them (the closest thing to stainless steel we’ve seen), plus the ever popular finishes such as antique brass, polished brass and a fabulous, highly polished chrome.

Lips floor trims from
Lips floor trims shown in antique bronze

Lips Floor trims for most locations

They provide a neat, metal edge to all sorts of flooring. Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, (engineered) wood, laminate, rubber and matting

Here are just a few ideas where Lips flooring trims will be a handy solution, but I’m sure you will find a whole heap more!

  • Create a neat and protective flooring finishing trim to your tiled floor, just where it stops along the edge of a French window.
  • Make a smart edging around a fireplace and the raised-up hearth area.
  • A divider for a room, where the floor covering changes. So, if you move from ceramic tiles to a wood floor in an open plan kitchen/diner, use the Lips flooring trim to define the two. The rough edge of the tiles is covered up and the wood butts up against the vertical side of the Lips.
  • Define the edge of a sunken mat well.
  • Where one floor covering is slightly higher than the other, Lips makes a neat edging trim to the step. Ideal when underfloor heating has raised up your hard floor. There are also Ramps available – find out more here.
Brushed Chrome Square Premier Lip for stylish floor edging
Premier Lips floor trim in polished chrome

Fitting and cleaning

All you have to do is cut the Lips trim to length, and you can easily do that with a sharp hack-saw, and that’s it. No trying to screw into impossibly hard floors – simply peel off the tape on the underside and stick the trim in place. Hey presto!

In terms of cleaning them, then the satin brass and polished brass trims can just be left to age naturally. However, if you like them looking pristine, use a light acid treatment now and then, such as distilled malt vinegar. The antique brass and antique bronze ones will also gradually get darker, as they naturally oxidise. The special finishes, such as pewter and brushed chrome, can also be cleaned with distilled malt vinegar if you really feel them need a bit of TLC.

Match to other door thresholds in your home

The Lips are made in exactly the same finishes as the Premier Door Bar collection, which are designed to join carpet to carpets, hard flooring and vinyl. So, you can co-ordinate all your floor trims and door bars throughout the house.

If you need further advice and want to purchase the new Lips trims, or any one of our wide selection of door bars, then do have a look on our shopping website or give us a ring T: 0330 113 4909.

New Lips floor trims from
New Lips floor trims in polished brass

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