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How to create a trim around a fireplace

This photo shows how smart fire hearth edging can make an eye-catching feature in a room  – what a great job! In the office, we always love it when customers send us photos of their homes, proudly featuring the installed door thresholds, stair rods and the like, which they have purchased from us. It is amazing how ingenious people can be, sometimes using a product for an entirely different purpose than it was originally intended.

Fire hearth edging in antique brass around red tile hearth
Fireplace trimmed with Posh cover plate

A smart solution – the versatile Posh cover plate

In this instance, the customer purchased our Posh Brass Cover door thresholds, which were then carefully cut to size.  A very neat job! The Posh has been around for many years and is a firm favourite with customers as it is so versatile. It is a cover plate and, as such, attaches to the floor surface, without any gripper plates or the like underneath. It literally “covers” the edges of the flooring.  It is attached via a series of screws, which are located in a central channel. Once screwed down, they are then covered up with a matching metal insert, which has a peel back covering to reveal an adhesive strip. This customer chose the patterned version of the insert, which provides an added decorative detail and feature to the hearth surround. You can also purchase a plain option.

Create a fire hearth trim around a ceramic tile fireplace

The hearth is raised up, probably on a concrete platform and then professionally tiled with ceramic, glazed tiles. The Posh is an ideal trim to cover up the rough edge of the tiles and the platform and creates a feature of the fireplace. Designed to join floors, including those of different heights, the Posh gently slopes from the fire hearth down to the floorboards, creating a neat trim around a fireplace.

What a professional finish and an ingenious way to create a custom-made edging for a fireside.

The Posh is just one of a wide selection of door thresholds, trims, bars and strips we sell online – so much smarter than the strips typically available in the shops.

Check out alternative trims to edge a fireplace

Since first writing this blog, some smart new metal trims have been introduced in the Lip range, which are proving very popular for edging a fireplace. I suggest you also take a look at the:

Premier Lip : there are five different designs

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