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Spotlight on Chrome Door Bars for a Glamorous Vibe

This is the time of year when the days get shorter, light levels drop and many of us turn our attention inwards to our homes. If you think yours is looking a bit dreary and in need of  some life then here we take a look at chrome door bars and how to use them as eye-catching accents, without breaking the bank.

Threshold plate in polished chrome with visible screws joins cord carpet to brown vinyl floor
The Premier Cover plate includes matching, flush screws for a contemporary look

Introduce a glamorous vibe

Mirror-polished and brushed carpet door bars work well as a fashionable décor accessory.  Chrome is a popular finish for bathrooms and kitchens, including taps, showerheads and tile trim. Fitting matching chrome door bars is a smart way to enhance this look and will provide a co-ordinated decorating scheme when viewed from a general living area, such as a landing or hall. You could also add chrome door handles to complete the look. Small touches look great and revive a tired room with minimal effort.

Tones of grey are the new neutrals when it comes to decorating. Whether you plan a relaxing, sophisticated, dramatic or feminine look, there are a multitude of choices from the grey palette. Polished chrome accessories make the perfect chic partnership, adding a glamorous vibe.

Screw-in or self-adhesive door threshold strips – a DIY job

Whether you are intending to replace your floorcovering or fit the door strips retrospectively, to existing flooring, the job is straightforward for those competent at DIY.  The self-adhesive options are particularly easy and there is a great choice.

The stick-down system is useful if you are joining hard floorcoverings, such as porcelain floor tiles, laminate, wood or smooth stone. You simply peel off the protective back strip. The glue used is industrial strength and, providing the surfaces to be joined are completely clean, the door bars fix in place easily and extremely firmly. They should withstand high foot traffic for many years to come.

Even carpet door bars with base plates and ‘needles’ to grip the carpet can be stuck down to the floor, using a strong adhesive. Designs such as the Premier Z9, which join a carpet to tiled flooring and the like, can either be screwed into the floor or stuck down; the latter being fast to do and ideal if you have underfloor heating.

We particularly rate the following:

The Premier Euro Floating for joining level, hard floor surfaces when one of the floors is fitted floating, requiring room to expand and contract. Many laminates and wood floors are fitted this way. Like all the Premier range, they are quality-made from solid brass and then chrome plated with a superb, mirror-like finish. And, it is a robust finish, well up to the rigours of a family home.

The Premier Square Lip for neatly finishing the raw edges of a raised floor surface, such as ceramic tiles or a slight step into another room. There are five different sizes of Lips, all available in ten different finishes, including chrome and the lightly brushed chrome options.

Room dividing door bars

The standard length of a door bar is up to 900mm long. You simply cut them to length with a sharp hack-saw. However, they are also sold in longer lengths: 1800mm and 2700mm. These extra long door threshold bars are ideal for providing a visual divide in an open-plan area of your home. They work particularly well when moving from one style of flooring to another, such as in kitchen-diners or where a conservatory extension joins the main house. Defining the two areas with the insertion of a sparkling chrome T Bar or door threshold is one way to create individual zones within a large area for different functions, without constructing limiting walls.

Premier T bar bar, 25mm wide, connecting strip between tiled floors, quality chrome
The Premier T Bar works as a joiner in a doorway and room divider

Brushed chrome for a subtle alternative

The brushed chrome option offers a less reflective finish to the polished chrome and is achieved by hand at the manufacturer’s. Whilst not a stainless steel finish, it does offer a more subtle alternative to the polished chrome.

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