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Fitting stair rods for runners – what you need to know

We sell a comprehensive choice of quality stair rods, delivered direct to your door. But is fitting stair rods for runners a simple job? Many of our customers successfully install their own. Below, I have provided the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Do rods come with rod holders?

We supply all our stair rods with a pair of brackets, included in the price. The design of bracket varies depending on the rod design, diameter and whether you are fitting runner rods, front fix rods or rods for fitted carpets. It is standard for the bracket holders to match the finish of the rod. we also sell brackets (pairs) on their own, should you have lost them.

Stair Rod loose brackets - variety of finishes
All our stair rods are supplied with a complementing pair of brackets

How much gap should I leave between the end of my stair rod and the edge of the stairs?

Assuming you have a stair runner (carpet strip running up the centre of your stairs, not fitted the full width) then you need to make sure that you leave at least 25mm (1 inch) either side. This is purely for aesthetics – you do not want the attractive finial ends to be cramped up against the edge of the stairs. However, many people leave much more than 25mm when fitting stair rods for runners, depending on their personal choice. Whatever, you choose, it needs to be the same either side and constant going up the stairs.

Should all my stair rods should be the same length?

Not necessarily!  Even though a staircase may appear to have a consistent width of step, it is always worth checking and measuring up.  Likewise, you will find the step width changes with a winder staircase and newel posts and therefore the rods will likewise vary in length. On a straight staircase, the aim is to line up the brackets, one under the other.

Some of my steps curve around, where should I put the brackets in relation to the stair runner?

For a runner you would normally fit the brackets either side of the runner, attaching straight into the staircase. Whereas with a runner fitted on a winder staircase, there are a couple of alternative solutions.

  1. You can request universal brackets with most of our made-to-measure stair rod ranges. These are different in design and only have one screw, allowing the brackets to be set at an angle as the stairs turn.
  2. Alternatively, a popular fitters’ solution is to move the standard bracket out away from the runner until it can lie flat.
For winders move the bracket away from the edge of the runner

Should my stair rods be the same width as my runner?

No.  You should allow for the bracket and some rod with its decorative end to overhang either side. Typically, for a 12mm diameter rod, the norm is to allow an additional 50mm either side.

How do you fit a front fix stair rod onto a fitted stair carpet?

A front fix bracket is designed to sit over the front of the rod (only) and screws through the carpet into the staircase.

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