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Compare Carpet Door Bars to Find the Perfect One for You

In this blog, we put the spotlight on carpet door bars – specifically quality ones. For those un-used to purchasing door bars or door thresholds, we highlight which features are important to consider when choosing. As a retailer specialising in quality accessories for all types of flooring, we understand that home owners are typically looking for a smart look and, equally important, performance. Here we list our top five and compare and contrast their features.

When looking for carpet door bars, what are the priority features?

It can be a surprise for some customers when they discover the number of different designs of door bars which exist. To determine the right one for your situation, you will need to have some key information to hand:

  1. What are types of floorcovering you want to join ?

For example, do you want to join carpets to laminate flooring, carpets to carpets etc.?  Armed with this information, you will be able to determine whether you need a design that grips the carpet tight from underneath and holds it under tension or simply sits neatly over the join and covers up the raw edges of both floorcoverings.

2. What are the relative levels of the flooring you are joining?

This can be a little tricky to work out but fundamentally most door thresholds, unless they are a specific ramp design, need to lie flat when installed. As such, they create a smooth, smart-looking transition that cover up the raw flooring edges. Different shapes of profile or threshold designs address different situations.

For example: if you have a thick pile carpet butting up to a vinyl floor in a doorway then a curved edge carpet bar creates a neat transition and avoids a trip hazard as you step from the higher carpet level down to the lower vinyl flooring.

Another common situation which can be solved by choosing the right design of carpet bar is when joining a carpet to tiles or wood which in turn are laid on underlay. In this instance, specific designs such as the Premier Z9 cater for the different types of flooring on either side of the door bar. If the difference in levels is significant, we provide expert fitting tips on how to employ shims to lift the door bar high enough to sit over the surface of the wood or tiled floor.

3. Which metal finish you have in mind?

The colour or metal finish is a key factor for most customers when choosing carpet door thresholds. For some, they wish to match to other metal finishes in that part of the house, such as light or door fittings, whilst other want to complement the colour of the floorcovering. As a specialist in quality door thresholds, we ensure customers have a wide choice of metal finishes and typically offer ten options for most items.

Our top recommendations for carpet door bars

The Premier Double Z9

Ideal for joining carpet to carpet. Features a spiked base plate on either side which fixes the carpet to the floor and holds the carpet under tension. Also available in Z4 and Z13 options for thinner and thicker carpets respectively.

Premier Double Z9 carpet door bar joins two carpets in a doorway, antique brass
  • The door bar is made from solid brass to ensure longevity and great performance.
  • Excellent choice of 10 metal finishes offered including 3 options in brass, bronze, nickel, chrome, pewter and black options.
  • We rate this highly as the Double Z9 easily converts to the Premier Z9, meaning you can use it to also join carpet to a hard floorcovering such as wood or ceramic tiles.

The Posh

A door threshold plate that sits on top of the two flooring surfaces to be joined. Insert strip hides fixing screw. Works with all types of flooring.

  • This door plate is manufactured in solid brass. The insert metal strip is self-adhesive & fixes in the top channel, permanently.
  • Choose from 30mm, 38mm or 5mm wide and available in 10 attractive metal finishes.
  • Probably our most popular door bar ever! The Posh can be fitted at an angle to cater for a difference in height between two floors and works with all types of flooring.
Posh carpet door bars in antique brass joining brown tiles to patterned carpet

The Compression Ramp

For joining carpet to a hard floor at 5 mm height difference. Features a small incline ramp (5mm) to join carpet to a lower or higher hard type of floorcovering e.g. ceramic tiles, wood, LVT. Self-adhesive and sticks to the hard floorcovering and nestles into the carpet pile.

Carpet ramp joins different levels of flooring, carpet to tiles, chrome
  • The door bar is made from solid brass to ensure a robust and lasting performance and is available in 10 attractive finishes.
  • A solid bar which neatly sits flat on the hard surface and has a slight gradient, angled to the adjoining carpet.
  • A unique ramp that can be used with carpets. We find the self-adhesive strip facilitates easy fitting to the hard floor surface.

The Cover

The Premier Cover is designed to work with all types of flooring. A metal door threshold plate with rounded contour that screws into the sub floor and neatly covers the two raw edges. Works with all types of flooring.

  • Manufactured in solid brass ensuring a sturdy and high quality product that does not easily dent or bend. Supplied with matching screws which lie flush to the door bar when fitted.
  • Contemporary styling.
  • We say: the ultimate in adaptability! Can be fitted flat or at an angle to cater for differences in floor heights.

The Ali Tramline Z

Suitable for joining a carpet to luxury vinyl flooring in a doorway or across a room and features a needled base strip to fix the carpet to the subfloor.

carpet threshold for joining to laminate in chrome
  • Manufactured in aluminium.
  • Contemporary styling which features an insert strip of your LVT flooring for a discreet join.
  • A fantastic innovation. Being able to insert a strip of your own vinyl flooring into this transition strip makes it a winner.

Rated 5-stars by customers