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Carpet Binding

How to use carpet binding to creates attractive rugs and runners

Creating a custom-made rug or runner from a wider roll of carpet or natural flooring involves finishing the raw edges so that they do not fray. The results can be stunning and making it your self proves good value. Choose from around 40 fabulous colours of edging trim. There is an installation kit available if you don’t already have one.

Carpet whipping and bordered rugs

There are two standard carpet binding options:

  • Either send the runner or rug off to a company able to ‘whip’ the edges with an over-locking stitch.
  • Or have a decorative border applied by a specialist company.

Both options are time-consuming and expensive. The results can also be indifferent, if not plain dowdy, in terms of style.

The smart alternative is Easybind carpet edging

This can be applied in the home or at the point of installation by a practical homeowner or carpet fitter and is very cost effective. Simply choose your colour online and we will deliver to your door.

Runner edged with Easybind Invicta carpet binding

Make your own rugs and runners with Easybind

The Easybind carpet edging can be used to convert any width, style and most qualities of carpet into a made-to-measure stair runner or rug. It can also be used with many types of natural flooring, including sisal.

The fixing method is discrete and durable and is suitable for both residential and commercial installations. The choice of over 30 colours provides a popular selection of plain hues and stripes, which can provide a contrasting or coordinating feature with the body carpet. Made from strong synthetic yarn, Easybind carpet binding has a subtle silk finish, which complements most yarns and natural flooring.

Excellent colour choice

There are over 30 different colours, both single and striped. Whatever the colour or pattern of your carpet, there is going to be an Easybind option that will suit.

Whilst the names may be deceiving, the colours of the Easybind provide an excellent selection to complement or contrast any style of plain or patterned carpet. Either match or contrast your binding to the colour of your carpet to create a striking rug or runner.

The top five sellers

  • Cow Dung
  • John’s Moth
  • Wulf Grey
  • Grey Dunn
  • Silver Doctor

Create a luxurious note with the Deluxe option

There is also a Deluxe option, which has an eye-catching sheen to the thread. The jewel-like colours include a rich purple (Purple Cascade), tawny brown (Rusty Spinner) and a fashionable, steely grey (Silver Doctor).

Easybind carpet binding on tartan rug

4 easy steps to bind your runner or rug

A step by step approach is explained here, along with tips on how to ensure a professional finish. There are 4 key steps:

  1. Prepare your carpet edges
  2. Cut the binding to size
  3. Stick to the reverse of carpet by peeling off the protective backing
  4. Seal with a bead of glue

Versatile for any size of rug or runner

The versatility of Easybind means that any design and width of carpet can be transformed into a smart stair runner without detracting from the carpet design with unsightly over-locking yarn or wide, decorative borders.

Fast and simple to apply, Easybind seamlessly turns corners and will follow the contours of any shape of rug or runner, creating a professional and attractive finish.


There are many narrow width runners on the market which have selvedge edges and do not require any further edge finishing. However, the styles are limited and the quality may not be to your liking.  The main benefits of the Easybind system are that you can

  • Turn remnant carpet into attractive rugs and runners to match existing carpet
  • Make any shape or width, including awkward ‘L’ shaped runners to turn corners
  • Choose absolutely any design of carpet and are therefore not restricted to off-the-shelf runners easily
  • Do-it-yourself in your own home, avoiding lengthy lead times and costly out-sourcing
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