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What is the best carpet mat edging available?

carpet edging - Easybind tartan rug trimmed in Grey Dunn

Having worked in the interiors sector for many years, I’ve come across some products which I just wouldn’t be without. One of these is Easybind carpet mat edging. This is the most versatile and professional-looking carpet binding I’ve come across.  Regardless of the décor it always seems to fit in well and adds a professional feel to the flooring.

Seals and trims raw carpet edges

The best carpet mat edging - Easybind seals frayed rugs

It is easy to use and turn what otherwise would be a carpet remnant, heading-for-the-bin, into a practical mat, runner or rug. You can also use it to rejuvenate tired-looking rugs, giving them a new lease of life.

Long-lasting and robust

The Easybind carpet edge comes in a rope design, pre-attached to the binding tape; the tape is self-adhesive and attaches to the back of your rug or runner. Simply peel of the strip and stick to the backing of your carpet remnants. With a quick run of the hot glue gun along the other side, the rope trim bonds snugly to the edge of the carpet.

Made of a synthetic polyester, this carpet mat edging performs for years to come and has always proven a robust and long-lasting solution.

Know your Cow Dungs from your Doobry

Easybind comes in single & two-tone rope effect

Over the years, the colour palette has expanded and currently offers a choice of 38 different options. The names sometimes raise an eyebrow. It seems that someone with a fly fishing passion must have been involved! Colours such as March Brown, Greenwells Glory, Olive Dunn and the particularly popular Cow Dung are all names associated with trout fishing flies, evidently.

The colours shown here in these samples are top to bottom: Black Spider, Coch Y Bonddu, Doobry.

The rope Easybind trim comes in single colours, and two-tone. Whilst it may be hard to exactly match your carpet pantones, choosing a colour which contrasts or reflects accent colours in the room’s décor can be an attractive alternative approach. The sample service that runs is useful to double-check before you purchase.

Any size or shape

bespoke carpet roped edged for use in a caravan

Given that Easybind is sold by the linear metre in one long strip, you can create rugs of any dimension but also any shape. So, circular, square, oblong, L-shaped rugs are all possible. This is particularly useful for edging removable carpets for a motorhome or yacht etc. With a little bit of skill, the Easybind binding tape works on the tightest of corners and irregular shapes.

Fitting on site means Easybind carpet mat edging delivers rapid results

Speed is the essence of daily life nowadays and Easy binding delivers results there and then. Whilst an alternative to binding your off-cuts of carpet with binding tape is to over-lock it, this involves sending away your carpet to be done by a specialist: a lengthy and expensive option which I’ve never found satisfactory in terms of aesthetics either.  In contrast, applying Easybind is something which is done in the home by a local carpet fitter, homeowner or DIY enthusiast.  

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