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What are the current design trends in stair carpet rods?

Take a look at these trends in stair carpet rods, which have become the go-to accessories to deliver a stunning design aesthetic to staircases. By far and away the most popular style is to pair with a smart stair runner which runs up the central area of a staircase, revealing the painted wood of the steps either side.

Striped carpet runners in particular have wide appeal, regardless of the style or age of the house. The contrasting polished brass carpet rods reflect the luxurious gold of the picture frames and central candelabra, creating an appealing golden glow in which the staircase basks and which highlights the beautiful, dark wood of the period bannister.

Polished brass stair carpet rods on striped runner, sweeping stairs
Polished brass stair rods make a statement against the striped stair runner & white steps

Team up brass rods with lavish runner borders

Bordered runners add an extra dramatic dimension to stair carpets, teamed perfectly here with sparkling solid brass stair rods. The decorative finials at each end of the stair runner rods draw the eye to the detailed and rich design of the carpet border.

Polished brass is typically the favourite metal finish when it comes to choosing stair rods for a home staircase. Meanwhile, the recent trend for polished nickel in such elements of the home as light fittings and the contemporary aesthetic of matt black and polished chrome mean is mirrored across carpet accessories such as rods and door thresholds.

Custom-made for your staircase

Electing for both bespoke made stair runners and made-to-measure stair carpet rods is no longer exclusive to statement homes. When it comes to dimensions, there are few standards for a design of a staircase. From narrow, straight, townhouse steps to winders, curved to stair flights with intermediate landings, the design options are endless with many staircases custom-made to fit the house.  

Based on proportions pleasing to the eye, rods normally overhang the edge of a runner between 50 and 75mm, allowing space for the bracket, a section of rod and the decorative finial. This tip-to-tip measurement is bespoke made as a rod to suit the individual staircase and runner. Ranges such as the Country, Premier and Vision are custom-made as are the wooden Tudor and flat-faced Royale range.

Stair Rod - Royale Beaumont design fitted on green staircase and bordered stair runner
Made-to-measure carpet rods cater for any style & width of staircase

To find out more about the latest stair carpet rods, take a look here.  For any technical advice on what to order and to request a sample or tow, please feel free to get in touch with the team.

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