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View Stair Rods Videos

When you come to choosing stair rods for your home, we always recommend taking your time. The choice is significant and they last a life-time, so best to be sure before making the commitment.  Thankfully, making your final selection has been made that much easier and pleasurable and you can view stair rods as videos now.

I don’t know about you but I do appreciate the virtual reality of product videos. They are now increasingly available across many retail sectors.  I find it helpful seeing a model sachay across my screen wearing a particular style of new dress or a demo of a vacuum cleaner devouring dog hairs like they are going out of fashion. Especially, when time for shopping is pretty limited and tends to be late in the evening. Shops around where I live are few and far between so product videos are a brilliant invention!

Watch Our Stair Rods Videos

I’m therefore pleased to say that all our stair rod designs are now featured on short videos for viewing online. Our manufacturing partner Stairrods UK, which makes all our bespoke stair rods, has posted them on YouTube to help you choose.

You can see the finial designs close-up, including the crisp definition of the Vision Arrow, the perfect roundness of the Premier Windsor and the appealing texture of the rustic Blacksmith Collection. Seeing them ‘in the flesh’ also helps with colour selection, as each metal finish is given its own moment of glory.

Having selected your preferred rod, it is simple to order online here  at any time of the day or night. Alternatively, give us a ring (T: 0330 113 4909) during office hours and we’d be happy to help.

I have included a couple of great examples below, which I find particularly enticing.


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