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How to Prevent Chips and Scuff Marks on Skirting

It is absolutely maddening when chips and scuff marks on skirting miraculously just appear.

Invariably, it is the corners which take such a bashing. It’s easily done. Little ones, shaky on their pins, shave the corners with their baby walkers, kids hurtle into them on their trikes, luggage and bags are big sinners and vacuum cleaners are plain vicious! What can you do other than keep touching them up with a paintbrush?

Skirting Skiffers come to the rescue. They are really robust AND look attractive, which is a big plus.

Avoid scuff marks on skirting with Skiffers

Skirting skiffers antique brass

Skiffers screw into your skirting board. Just attach them around any corner which is particularly vulnerable. Typically, the hall takes a pounding but you can fit them anywhere in the house. They come in three different heights: 75mm, 107mm or 134mm which cater for all the most popular depths of skirting board.  From Torus to Colonial, Regency to Bullnose, our experience is that the Skiffers work on all of them. We’ve even had customers say they‘ve attached them to the plastered wall, just above the top of their skirting board with great results.

All you do is attach them to the baseboard section using the screws provided. It is helpful to make a pilot hole first for each screw and use a low torque if you are using a power drill to avoid ending up with bent screws. If you are not sure what size Skiffers to get, simply measure from floor level up the initial, plain baseboard section and choose the nearest size.

Skiffer skirting protectors come in seven different metal finishes and the one decorative design, which is sympathetic to most styles of house. I say house, but we are aware that quite a few of our Skiffers end up fitted in guest houses, bed and breakfasts and small hotels. They appear to be one of those items you just can’t do without, once you’ve discovered them.

Prevent scuffs on skirting with Skiffers
Made from solid brass in a number of attractive finishes

Rated 5-stars by customers