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Quality door thresholds for your home & how to choose the right ones

Sometimes, having a choice can be amazing: other times it can be annoyingly difficult. For instance, we probably offer the best choice around of quality door thresholds and profiles – either online or in the shops. But how to choose what is right for you from the thousands of items? Here, we suggest a few tips on how to quickly narrow down what you are looking for and arrive at the perfect answer. Our shop is likewise set out to help you, via the use of a few key “filters”.

Step by step decision-making to ensure you choose the correct flooring thresholds and profiles:

Step 1 – think function

Think about the function of the product you need and use the top header tab (Door Thresholds & Trims) on our shopping site and its drop down product menus to find the relevant group of products. This is particularly relevant for (door) thresholds and trims. Even if you are not sure what the technical term is, these menus will prompt you as they use easy-to-understand terminology e.g. stair & step nosings, carpet to carpet, ramps

How to choose the right quality door threshold for your home
Look in the the Door Thresholds & Trims tab for useful functionality

Step 2 – tie down the specification

Next, decide if there are any priorities, that matter to you, when it comes to the specification. Attributes such as self-adhesive due to underfloor heating or a particular width to cover an unsightly gap will help you select useful filters and narrow down the choice of products. It is best to get out a ruler and measure up properly at this point, as this will likewise help you arrive at the right answer. Alternatively, if you are using a fitter, ask them precisely what you need to order when they come to measure up.

Using the filters, as shown above, to arrive at the relevant options for your requirements

Step 3 – what about finish and aesthetics?

Moving on…we suggest you then consider the finish, once you have narrowed down the product choice. Most of the door threshold strips we sell come in a choice of 10 finishes. Some people want to match existing metals in their home such as wall lights or door handles. Others prefer their door bars to blend in with the colour of their flooring. Use the finish tab and scroll through the close-up samples.

Step 4 – check-out the price

And finally, filter by price if budget is key when you are buying quality door thresholds.

Quality door thresholds – check out the specification

It is also worth reading the product specification information which is included for each item featured. Simply scroll down the product pages and you will find a wealth of information, including the type of flooring the product is designed for, diagrams, fitting tips and alternative suggested products which may work better for you. It’s worth doing a bit of homework to ensure you are not disappointed.

We also have a gallery of images showing installations featuring many of the products we sell – this can be a great source of inspiration.

We also have a gallery of images showing installations featuring many of the products we sell – this can be a great source of inspiration.

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