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The Secret to Carpet Threshold Strips that Last for Years

Most of us know that if you have carpets fitted then you require carpet threshold strips across the doorways to join them up. But, does it matter which ones? Well yes, it is certainly worth doing your homework, very much like you would when you choose a new carpet.  Looks, quality and durability can all vary considerably, depending on the design of carpet door bars you opt for.

Carpet threshold strips, polished solid brass joining two brown carpets
High quality carpet threshold strips flatter all styles and ages of carpet

Key features you need to check out when purchasing a carpet threshold strip

What is it made from?

Carpet door bars play an important role when it comes to keeping a carpet under tension in a doorway and free from rucks whilst protecting the carpet edges from fraying. They also have to withstand people standing on them, sharp or hard impact from shoes, wheels from vacuum cleaners and the like.

From experience, it is difficult to beat the solid brass construction of the Premier Double Z9 carpet bars and that of the Feline 2 carpet bars. Strong and durable, these brass door bars also provide a conducive surface for producing natural finishes, such as polished or antique brass whilst also being ideal for plating to produce polished chrome and nickel finishes.

Is it a dual (double) design?

If you are joining carpet to another carpet, then you will need an integral needled base strip either side of the threshold strip; these are hidden from view and hold the carpet under tension from underneath the carpet which avoids rucks and helps ensure a professional, smart appearance. It also needs to have a notched vertical, central support, which means you can gently depress the carpet bar into the pile of the carpet for a smooth transition.

This ‘double’ design carpet threshold with needled base section

Note: If you are joining a carpet in one room to another type of flooring in the adjoining room, such as wood or tiles, you will need a carpet door bar with the needled base strip just on one side.

Check the gap and measure carefully

Do carefully measure the width of your doorway before ordering rather than assume the standard 900mm long option will work. Doorway dimensions vary significantly house to house. Likewise, if your carpets are already fitted and you are retrospectively replacing the carpet threshold strips then check how wide they need to be to cover any gap between the two carpets, allowing for any worn edges.

How to achieve a luxury look?

Solid or ridged surface design of the carpet door threshold?

Many people dislike the utilitarian, ridged appearance of some cheaper, traditional door thresholds, which typically are available at the DIY sheds and supplied as standard by fitters. In contrast, a smooth, solid surface is appealing in its simplicity and creates a luxury look to off-set any carpet design or colour of carpet.

Choose door bars made in a robust base metal such as solid brass which does not readily bend or dent

As discussed above, the base metal is key when it comes to choosing a high quality door bar. Avoid thin aluminium if you want to ensure it does not quickly dent and bend and instead check out the solid brass options. Whilst solid brass is certainly more expensive, I feel the investment is more than worthwhile.

Natural finish or plated?

When choosing the upmarket, solid brass carpet door bars, there are some attractive brass finishes achieved by polishing and treating the base metal, including polished, antique, satin and bronze. If you are seeking a more glamorous style then the brass plated chrome, brushed chrome, satin and polished nickel or matt black offer non-traditional, eye-catching alternatives.

How to keep your carpet bars looking smart for years to come?

  • Whilst quality carpet thresholds are designed to cope with everyday domestic life in the home, it is best to avoid heavy-duty impact such as dragging laden suitcases over them regularly or repeated scratching with a sharp object which will inevitably damage the surface.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Check online for the latest information.
  • Avoid excessive moisture as this can damage the finish.

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