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Extra Wide Door Thresholds Save the Day

At last, there are extra wide door threshold bars on the market, in a wide choice of metal finishes. Hooray! The times we are contacted by home owners who describe a “rather large” gap they have been left with and which they really need to “hide” but they don’t want a brass finish. Now we can direct them towards the Posh – thankfully.

Posh extra wide door threshold bars

The Posh door bar has been around for many years and is popular but it’s only ever been offered in brass or antique brass. This has increasingly proved pretty limiting when people have already fitted pewter, chrome or stainless steal fittings in their home and understandably want the door thresholds to match.

Many door bars on the market are pretty narrow – just 30mm-38mm, which is fine for many joins but the wider option is necessary. Common reasons for choosing a wide brass door threshold include:

  • Your DIY efforts (and sometimes fitter’s efforts) have unexpectedly left you with a rather significant gap between your two floor coverings – easily done when laying your own carpet for the first time
  • The two floor coverings you are trying to join are different heights and you need to drop from one to another – the wider the door bar, the less steep the slope
  • Period houses, such as Edwardian villas, or larger houses often have wide, tall door frames, in which case the extra wide door threshold is visually far better to scale than the standard on

No screws visible

Extra wide door threshold bars
Posh the extra wide door threshold bars

The Posh is a unique design, in that it is attached to the floor using screws which are then hidden by the inset metal strip.

The strip sticks down the centre of the door bar and completely hides the screws from view – smart! From experience, we know that the adhesive is permanent – no changing your mind once you’ve stuck it down! It’s also worth noting that you do need to make sure the groove is clear of dust or wood shavings etc before you stick down the strip, as otherwise it doesn’t stick down so well.

And, to make life even easier, Posh comes in three alternative lengths: 90cm, 1.8m and 2.7m.

Just in time for Christmas!


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