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Save money on motorhome carpets – use Easybind carpet binding

A customer recently got in touch to show us the excellent job he had done making his own motorhome carpets, using our Coch y Bonddu coloured carpet edging tape. Easybind carpet binding is a smart-looking, rope edge trim which works on all styles of carpet. Understandably, he is pretty pleased with his diy skills and dropped us this email:

“Just a quick thank you for sending the Easybind for our new Motorhome carpets that we made this morning. Absolutely perfect and extremely easy to do once you get the hang of the hot glue gun! They came out looking great, saved us a fortune, new bespoke fitted carpets like these would have cost in the region of £850 or about £950, so thank you for your help.”

bespoke carpet roped edged for use in a caravan Coch Y Bonddu edges motorhome carpets

Bespoke, removable caravan carpets

Conveniently, this particular range of carpet binding is ideal for making your own removable carpets and bespoke, interior floor mats for caravans, motorhomes, mobile homes and lodges. As you can see from our customer’s pictures, it means you can trim any shape of carpet, including irregular sizes, tight angles and round-edged cut-outs.

Choose from 38 colours of carpet binding

What’s more, there is a great choice of 38 colours in the range. This motorhome carpet project features Coch y Bonddu, which is a mid brown colour and the trim complements the flecked carpet. There are also some striking two-toned options, whilst the deluxe colours have a lovely sheen to them.

Do-it-yourself and save hundreds of pounds

You’ll soon find that carpet trimming is a satisfying, do-it-yourself job to do, which is extremely economical compared to having bespoke carpets made.  All you need is the Easybind carpet trim and a hot-glue gun to neatly seal the edges. The binding attaches to the back of the carpet by peeling back the self-adhesive strip. As the product suggest, it is designed to be easy to do!

Other applications including carpets for static caravans, churches & boats

Apart from making motorhome carpets, customers have reported they have used our rope carpet binding tape for edging their boat carpets, lodges, static caravans, finishing a runner for a church pew and making fitted liners for their dog baskets.   

Update to article 9 June 2022

The caravan community seems to have taken Easybind to their hearts. Here are a few photos from a customer who trimmed his own carpets with Easybind edging tape for his caravan.

Grey Duster Easybind proved the perfect match for this caravan carpet
Easybind is perfect for DIY making fitted carpets for your own caravan

Rated 5-stars by customers