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Door Carpet Bars – How to Choose the Right One

So, you have ordered smart, new carpets for your home. Your fitter has told you to buy some quality door carpet bars, as you don’t like the cheap, aluminium ones he uses. But, which type exactly? You’ve popped down to the DIY shop and realised you don’t like their flimsy door threshold strips either. Your fitter may also have mentioned a double naplock in passing, but didn’t explain what it is!

We sell the best choice of quality, metal door thresholds around. Here are a few tips how to find exactly what you want, quickly:

Refining Your Choice

1. Go to the Thresholds & Trims tab on the home page and select the appropriate option.

Example: you are having a nice loop pile fitted on your landing and need a profile across the door to join the two. In this instance you are joining a carpet to carpet.

2. Having selected the Carpet to Carpet option, a choice of around 10 alternative designs are shown on the page. All of them have a handy, brief description beneath them. Decide which are relevant to you, based on the thickness of your carpets and the design. Note: the underlay stops short of the carpet threshold, so do not include this in your calculations.


  • A “standard” carpet covers all types of construction from loop pile to tufted and is approximately 9mm thick i.e. the height of the pile, not compressed.
  • Meanwhile flat weaves are typically around 4mm
  • A few carpets are particularly dense and thick, coming in at around 13mm, so the Double Z13 will be the one you want. Having quickly read the descriptions, you will have whittled down your choice.

3. It is now worth taking a closer look by selecting each one on your short-list. Here you will see a longer description and scroll down the page for dimensions, diagrams and product features and benefits. Key aspects to consider include the finishes available and your preference in width.

4. Found the one you like?  Next go to the Finish drop down tab on the product page and choose the one you prefer and then the Length and the number you require. All three will influence the price, which will automatically update at the top of the page.

What is a double naplock?

These are the door threshold designs which feature a base plate on either side, complete with jagged spikes on the top. The base plates are invisible, under the carpet and hold it tight onto the spikes. the most popular one is the Premier Double Z9.

Double Z9 door threshold antique bronze sitting on carpet
Made of solid brass, the Premier Double Z9 is also known as a double naplock

Fitting options

If you are joining two carpets, you will need to either screw the door bar into the floor or stick with a propriety glue to the base floor. There are “Self adhesive” door thresholds options for hard floorcoverings but not carpets.

How long do they take to arrive?

The standard delivery is 4-5 working days from the time of ordering. So do get your order in quickly, to make sure you have your carpet door bars ready for your fitter. We ship direct from the manufacturers using national carriers, so deliveries are fast and delivered direct to your door.

Still not sure?

If you are not sure which design or finish you like, you can use the “Just Want a Sample for Now” option on the page and request two free of charge samples. We’ll post them out to you. Don’t forget to provide your address and the product name and finish.

Shop online securely

It is then time to pay. Make your way to your basket by clicking on the shopping trolley symbol at the top right of the page – it’s all set up for total security and to protect your payment details.

All sorted!

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