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Stair Rods

Homepride Stair Rods Discontinued

Stair Rods

This product is not currently available. Please contact us for further information.


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Homepride Stair Rods Product Information

To order or to see the different finishes available in this range: select ADD TO BASKET, shown above, then make your choice and proceed to the next page. Having made your choices, select CHECK PRICE to find the price.

  • The classic Homepride design from Stairrods (UK) features push-on, acorn styled finials (decorative ends).
  • Suitable for stair runners i.e. a runner carpet with the stair tread and riser showing on either side of the carpet, and fitted stair carpets.
  • Value range made in hollow aluminium, 12mm (½") diameter rods & coated finials.

  • A choice of six metal finishes: brass, bronze, satin nickel, chrome, pewter and black.
  • Made to measure to suit your stair carpet.
  • Supplied with matching brackets and screws suitable for carpets and carpets with underlay. The runner bracket has a clearance of 13mm.

What length to order?

  • For runner stair carpets: Simply add around 10 cm (4 inches)to the width of your runner to give you the tip-to-tip measurement to order. For example: If your runner is 69cm (27 inches) wide then you would order 79cm (31 inch) rods. Note: the tip-to-tip measurement you order INCLUDES the finials.

  • For fitted stair carpets: It is advisable to leave a 5cm (2 inch) gap between the end of the finial and the edge of your staircase (stringboard)on either side. For example: If your staircase measures 89cm (35 inches) across, then a 79cm (31 inch) stair rod should look smart. Note: the tip-to-tip measurement you order INCLUDES the finials.

It is important to note that, like most stair rods, the Homepride rods are purely decorative and do not fix the carpet to the stairs; your carpet must be secured by another means of installation such as gripper.

For further information visit Measuring & Fitting Rods.

Fitting your stair rods

Homepride rods are supplied with No. 8 screws; drill a pilot hole before fixing the brackets to the stairs. For soft wood create a 2.5mm pilot hole and for hard wood create a 3mm pilot hole. Remember to set your power drill on a low torque setting so as to avoid breaking the screws.

  • For runner rods: Carefully slide the brackets over the rods before screwing. Do check your brackets are located adjacent to the edge of your runner with an equal length of rod protruding either side.


The rods have an invisible lacquer to protect them and keep them looking pristine. Simply wipe clean occasionally with a damp cloth and do not polish. If you use any household cleaners to clean surrounding wood and paintwork, this should be applied to the cloth and not directly sprayed on the surface of the staircase, as the cleaner can react with the rods. If any liquids are spilt on the stair rods they should be immediately wiped with a damp cloth and the dried with a clean, dry cloth.


We supply our stair rods direct to your door and aim to deliver within 4-5 working days in the UK. Delivery is free of charge for orders over £50.00.


We offer a comprehensive selection of carpet door bars and door thresholds to join carpets to carpet, carpets to wood and vinyl and the like. The Joints door thresholds range of door thresholds offer a good value option.

Style tip

Fitting a stair rod to the bottom step (hall or landing level) is a popular option.



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