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Carpetrunners:stair rods, door thresholds and flooring trims
Stair rods & door thresholds free delivery over £75 to most mainland UK addresses

Common queries: stair rods, door bars & runners

Common queries: stair rods, door bars & runners

Door bars and Carpet Thresholds

Q: My kitchen tiled floor is higher than my hall carpet, how do I join them up without having a step?
A: You can use Easyshims under your carpet to lift it up to the level of your hard floor e.g. tile. Alternatively, you can use the Posh thresholds which cater for different heights and most flooring types.

Q: Can I cut your door bars to fit my doorways?
A: Yes, they can all be cut with a sharp hack-saw.

Q: My fitter has suggested I need a T section, is that the same as a door threshold?
A: The terminology used is confusing: single naplocks, double naplocks, Z bar, T sections, cover plates, door thresholds and trims. If you want a wooden strip then Symwood offers a Double option for carpet-to-carpet and Single option for joining carpet to a flooring of a different thickness e.g. vinyl. If you would like a metal finish, then Posh is ideal for joining a carpet to most other floor types, whilst Joints will join any combination of flooring. For more specialised door bars, it is best to consider the Feline ranges, which are specifically designed to join different floor types together.

Q: Can you recommend a fitter?
A: We recommend you use a qualified fitter: the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers is a good organisation to locate a fitter in your area


Q: Do stair-rods hold my carpet in place on the stairs?
A: No. They are merely decorative and you should secure your carpet with another means such as gripper.

Q: Are stairrods and clips only with carpet?
A: No, they also work well with sisal, coir and flat weaves.

Q: Can I use them on my fitted stair carpet?
A: Yes, choose either the Front Fix or Side Fix options. We offer a choice of designs in a variety of finishes including pewter, brass, chrome, satin nickel and oak.

Q: Does the length of the stair rod include the acorn ends?
A: Yes, the measurement listed is for the tip-to-tip measurement. For example, if you chose the Crystal design, the measurement you provide includes the crystal finials.

Q: Should my stair rods be the same width as my runner or longer?
A: It is most attractive if you can allow an overhang on either side of your runner. The amount depends on the diameter and style of your stair rod – please see our Measuring and Fitting Rods for more information.

Q: Do you do you do chrome finishes?
A: Yes, we offer a satin nickel finish in most of our ranges and matching door thresholds. For a more rustic style you may like to consider the Blacksmith wrought iron range.

Q: I have some old triangular rods with fleur de lys, can I match up?
A: Yes, take a look at the Royale range – the Louis has fleur de lys finials.

Q: My staircase is really narrow, will stair-rods fit?
A: All of our rods are made to measure. Simply select the correct length to suit your staircase and carpet.

Q: Can I have a runner and stair rods on my spiral staircase?
A: Yes, but you will need to employ an expert fitter, who will fit the runner first and then calculate the various dimensions of rods you require, and angle them as they turn the corner.

Q: How many stair rods do I need to order?
A: Count the number of stairs and add one for any hall or landing, from which the stairs rise i.e. it is attractive to have a stair rod at ground or middle landing level, although this is not always possible.

Q: I've got some old carpet rods but have lost the brackets, can I buy spares?
A: Yes, we sell spare pairs of brackets for triangular and cylindrical versions. Do check the dimensions of your rods before ordering. If the diameter is slightly different, we can supply foam inserts, on request, to stop the rod rattling in the bracket.

Stair runners

Q: Do I need to have the edges of my runner finished?
A: It depends on the runner you purchase. Some Axminster and Wilton runners are woven to the finished width and therefore require no additional edge finishing. However, some runners are cut from a wider carpet and therefore the edges would need binding using Easy Bind or similar. On natural fibres such as sisal and coir, you can request a border in a contrasting fibre such as cotton or tapestry or a hidden binding.

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