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Carpet Binding - Rugs & Runners

Carpet Binding - Rugs & Runners

What is Carpet Binding Plus Expert Fitting Instructions

Typically, a stair runner or rug for the stairs will be 20" - 27" wide and will often be cut from a wider piece of carpet i.e. 4m or 5m wide; this will mean it has raw edges, which will easily fray if they are not finished. There are various options including over-locking stitch (like a basic blanket stitch) and adding a rug binding e.g. tapestry or sisal. However, both these methods are not particularly attractive and add significantly to the cost of the runner.

Easy Bind is an elegant alternative; it is a rug edging that looks smart, wears well and is simple to attach. It is also ideal for rug binding and allows you to make a rug of any size or shape for your home.

carpet edges
1. Prepare carpet edges.
using easybind carpet binding
2. When Easybind is cut the rope part will fray, so apply Sellotape around the rope and cut through the middle of the tape.
applying easybind
3. Always start in the middle, not a corner, as it is easier to join two pieces on a straight section. Peel tape and press into the carpet backing as you go, as shown above and below.
applying carpet binding
4. It is important to run the rope parallel to the carpet edge, leaving sufficient gap between the carpet and the rope for the glue gun nozzle.
using binding
5. When going around a corner, cut the binding, not the rope! As shown above.
using rug binding
6. Corner technique shown from below the carpet.
cutting carpet binding
7. When going around an inside corner, cut the binding, not the rope!
rug edging
8. This makes a seemless finish.
joining carpet binding
9. When joining the start and end of the carpet binding, apply Seelotape to the area where the cut will be made. This helps prevent the rope from fraying when cut.
sealing binding
10. When the binding is cut, match the rope pieces together. Have the ends of the adhesive tape visible, in order to allow easier removal. Seal the two pices of rope with a spot of hot glue, then peel away the Sellotape.
glueing carpet binding to carpet
11. When you are happy with the join and corners etc., use the glue gun to apply a bead of glue between the binding and carpet backing, pinching together as you go. Be extra careful not to get any glue on the carpet.
fitting carpet
12. For large runs, try a piece of timber to help attach large sections of the carpet binding. Use a glue gun mat to catch any glue that may drip from the end of the gun.
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