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How to create a carpet to tile transition with different heights

Easyshims are a great invention. They solve the common issue of how to create a carpet to tile transition in a doorway when the finished flooring levels are different heights. Easyshims slip under your carpet and underlay and create a gentle slope up to your higher floor. Once flat with each other, you can join your flooring with nice, smart door thresholds such as the Premier Z or Premier Posh.

carpet to tile transition with different heights
Easyshims create an invisible slope to raise a carpet up to adjoining tiles or other hard floorcoverings

Not just carpet to tile transition but wood, laminate and stone too

If your carpet lies at a lower level than the hard floor covering you want to join it to then you’ll need some sort of a ramp, so that the door threshold strips or strip can be installed nice and flat. Easyshims are pre-made tapered ramps, which you slip under a carpet and its underlay to pack it up.

So, no trip hazards, no carpet being suspended in mid-air as it joins up with the tile – just a smooth transition.

They work for a number of situations, such as:

  • When a bathroom is re-tiled on top of the old tiles, making the flooring thicker and the transition uneven to the carpeted landing
  • Or a new, stone floor is installed in a kitchen on a screed and ends up slightly higher in level than the hall
  • When underfloor heating is installed under the hard floorcovering, raising the finished floor level above the adjoining, carpeted floor
  • When an extension is added but doesn’t quite end up the same floor level as the existing building

The Easyshims are tapered wood shims, which are made in MDF. They come in a choice of thicknesses: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm or 15mm.  You can DIY fit them or if you are not sure then ask an NICF trained fitter to install Easyshims for you and make the necessary calculations as to which one you actually need. It’s worth the effort because fitted well they can turn an ugly join into a beautiful, smooth transition.

How to fit Easyshims

The following video from the manufacturer Stairrods UK explains how they work.

Alternative ramp options

You may also like to take a look at the Premier Compression Ramp, which is also a useful door threshold when joining a carpet to a tiled, wood or stone floor that is at a different level to your carpet.

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