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Refurbishing Antique Stair Rods

Traditional brass stair rods date back to the late 19th century, when they were used to attach a stair runner to a staircase. Today, we use gripper, a far more secure method, and the stair rods are purely decorative. However, some of the antique stair rods are still around, be it in a pretty tatty state, and can be refurbished if you after that authentic, period look.

Antique brass rods typically turn up in attics, on Ebay and at auctions; often without any brackets, dented, very dusty and have an unattractive matt finish, rather than a beautifully polished brass surface. There is no need to despair – they can be refurbished with a bit of “TLC”.

Replacement rod brackets

replacement stair rod brackets
Replacement brackets for triangular stair rods

Replacement stair rod brackets are available – the older rods tended to have a triangular shape and triangular brackets are hard to find. Today’s brackets tend to have a larger hole than the original ones, so ask for the foam inserts to go with them so they don’t rattle.

Alternatively, for cylindrical stair rods you will need brackets designed for round rods.




Polishing and straightening antique stair rods

Polishing up antique stair rods
Repolishing antique stair rods

Dented and bent rods can be straightened quite often, providing they are not too damaged – easier to do with the solid, round brass rods than the triangular design. Repolishing brass stair rods makes a world of difference bringing them back to life with a smart, polished brass or antique brass finish.

Stairrods offers a refurbishing service – the cost depends on what state your rods are in. Alternatively, it could be more cost effective to buy a new set of traditionally styled stair rods, complete with brackets – there are some great designs in the Premier Collection and on our website.

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