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Invest in a Metal Boot Rack to Keep Your Sanity

Wellington boots are a marvel – I would say a necessity for anyone living in the country… I would be lost without my blue Hunters.  However, off your feet and just lying around – they are a complete pest! Having discovered a metal boot rack that is compact,holds the family’s collection of wellies AND looks good, I am now in heaven!

Metal boot racks solve wellie storage problem

We have tried all sorts of ideas in our house, to get a grip on “the wellingon boot problem” – wooden pegs outside but the boots get so cold; a dedicated space in the utility room for them to stand up, but remove one pair and they all fall down; and the new wellington boot clips that cover the tops of your wellies, but they don’t work well with Hunters and they still fall over.

So, finding this range of metal boot racks is a great relief:

Welly Metal Boot Racks
Two pair wellington boot rack

Use inside or outside – we prefer inside by the back door as then your boots stay warm too.

Brilliantly compact: you can store up to 5 pairs of boots on minimal floor space with this particular range of metal boot racks.

Tidy: at long last our boots stay put when not in use!

Prevents trudging mud into the hall carpet


Wrought iron wellington boot rack

They also look fabuous – a nice rustic, wrought iron look and they are heavy.  You won’t knock them over easily and even with a collection of adult and child wellies, they don’t topple over or become unbalanced.

Wellie boot removers and scrapers

There are a variety of sizes, from two to five pairs of wellies and there are also a handy boot pull, in the novel shape of a foot, and a boot scraper, that sits outside and you can use to scrape off the worst of the mud or as an alternative means to yank off your boots.


Boot Scraper from
Metal Boot Scraper


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