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4 Great Ways to Create a Border Stair Runner

Do you love the look of those stair runner carpets which have an elegant border running up either side?

They look so smart and seem to add a sense of style to the most boring of staircases. But where do you start to look for a stair runner with border? Here we highlight four great options, which make a stunning feature of any staircase.

Border stair runner binding available from Carpetrunners
Dart Persimmon pre-bordered runner from Roger Oates
  1. Integral border off-the-shelf

    Purchase a fixed width runner which includes a border design as part of the overall design. Carpet companies such as Roger Oates offer an excellent selection. You are limited to the widths they offer, so if your staircase width is fairly standard you should be in luck. Just be careful that you select a style to suit your staircase especially if you have winder or turning stairs, as the precise look of stripes can be lost as they turn the corner.

  2. Commission a bespoke design

    Another option is commissioning a bespoke fitted stair runner, which fits the whole width of your staircase and is decorated up either side with a decorative border design, integral to the carpet. Bronté Carpets produces the most luxurious runner carpets you could imagine!

    Sheer luxury from Bronté Carpets
    Sheer luxury from Bronté Carpets
  3. Off-the-shelf borders

    There are also companies which will fit a separate border to a custom sized plain runner or rug. The runners and rugs are typically made from natural flooring and the borders offered include designs in plain cotton colours, faux leather and linens from companies like The Alternative Flooring Company. These borders are normally attached with latex by the company or a specialist fitter.

  4. Apply Easybind yourself

    Easybind carpet binding, carpet studs create attractive runnerFor those of you looking for a simple and economic border option, then the Easybind trim is ideal. It’s a rope carpet binding, which comes pre-attached to the backing. It is simple to attach yourself – there’s even a video if you are not convinced! We have sold Easybind to our online customers for many years and get through thousands of metres a year! Recently the range has expanded to 35 colours, which now includes a selection of special colours in a high sheen yarn, for an added feature.

So, next time you have some remnant carpet left over, why not make some rugs to add a touch of style and smarten up a plain hall?

For further inspirational ideas about using Easybind, read this article too.

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